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Walk to Beat is a medical device company with a mission to create smart assisted living products to empower the world’s ageing population.

Meet The Team

Neha Shahid

CEO / Founder

BSc Product Design Technology,
Msc Marketing

4+ years in product development and marketing, multiple entrepreneurship and innovation awards.

As a young girl I witnessed my grandfather suffer from Parkinson’s didease (PD) for 8 long years. The disease impacted him not only physically but also emotionally. After experiencing two falls he stopped going out on his own due to lack of confidence and fear of injury. Being forced to stay home had a big impact on his quality of life and emotional- wellbeing.

During my final year at the UWE Bristol’s Product Design Technology course, I chose Parkinson’s as my research subject and cam eup with 13 different design briefs to improve the daily lives of people living with the disease. One of those briefs, the Smart Stick designed for helping Parkinson’s sufferers manage freezing episodes.

I decided to found Walk to Beat when a proof of concept prototype I developed at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and validated in small field trials with Parkinson’s UK - the UK’s national Parkinson’s charity - recieved coverage from British and international media including The Daily Mail and the BBC as well as strong interest from potential customers.

Aoun Syed


BSc Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Msc Petroleum Engineering

5+ years as an automation & control system engineer.

Mathew Hoskin

Marketing Strategy & Commercialization Consultant

25 years of managing businesses in the healthcare, medtech & biotech sectors, including Siemens Medical, Visions Biosystems, Leica Biosystems, Hospira, and Sienna Cancer Diagnostics

Walk to Beat Timeline

Need validation, proof of concept, 50K GBP angel investment, 36K GBP grants & prizes.
Iterative R&D
UK Patent, Value proposition test, Functionality and safety test.
to MedTech Actuator Accelerator program & recieved 100K seed funding.
Sold first products.
Completed Electronic design and finalized Firmware
Design for manufacture
Provisional patent with extended scope, TGA approval & Pivotal trial.
500K seed raise, Soft launch in AUS. FDA approval, Launch in UK & US
First batch manufacture and Soft launch

Our Partners

Firmware Development

Product Development

Lead User Engagement

Lead User Engagement

Our Advisors


First Runner Up

Medilink Nation Healthcare & Business Awards 2019

Innovation Award

Medilink South West Healthcare Award 2019

Future Spark Award

Tech Spark Awards 2017, Southwest, UK

Entrepreneurship Award Winner

European Robotics Forum 2017, Edinburgh, Scotland

Social Entrepreneur Winner

UWE Talkent Awards 2017, Bristol, UK

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