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Meet our Walk to Beat Smart Stick

An affordable and discreet walking stick which recognises a user’s walking pattern and dynamically responds with highly effective haptic cues to overcome freezing episides.

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The Problem We Aim to Solve

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is the second most common age-related neurodegenerative disorder with approximately 10 million sufferers worldwide.

Its prevalence is projected to double over the next 25 years driven by the ageing of the world’s population, increasing urbanisation and industrialisation.

  • 39% recurrent fallers with 21 falls per year on average.
  • Over A $1300 medical expenses per faller per year
  • Reduced quality of life and emotional wellbeing.

Current approaches for preventing freezing and falls suffer from a lack of reliability, convenience and discreteness.

10 Million

Parkinson’s Sufferers Worldwide

2 x

Prevalence over next 25 years

Over 60%

of Parkinson’s sufferers are fallers

Smart Stick Features

Detects freezing and triggers effective vibrational response

Automatically switches on when sensing pressure

Dynamically calibrates to user’s walking style

Goes to sleep if not used for 15 seconds

Captures GAIT data for analysis and condition management

Future Development
Integrated Condition Management App

We recommend people to listen to music and a lot of people I know use numbering technique as a cue. This is a totally new approach, it can definitely be a new cueing technique to help freezing and walking problems.

- Kevin Carter
Support Worker at Parkinson's UK

I listen to classical music, continuous beat helps me walk and not get frozen. I think this could really work for me, the changing pace feels good.

- Patient

I do not freeze normally, but I know people who do and I think this could really work

- Patient

I do freeze sometimes and then I have to wait and think, but this feels good.

- Patient

It's good because no one else would know, it is a matter of dignity. Old people won't like wearing headphones and carrying an iPod around.

- Patient

It reminds me it is there for a reason.

- Patient

It takes concentration off my feet, I am not centred on feet not working.

- Patient

It takes concentration off my feet, I am not centred on feet not working.

- Patient

I got the buzz, it tells me that I got to go when I am stood there.

- Patient

It is a very interesting idea because you need like a 'kick' to kick start you.

- Patient

Yes! Yes! The very fact that it goes grumble grumble, I can get attached to that sort of thing. I call it my walkie-talkie pole, or walkie-shakie pole, definitely it reacts!

- Patient

I think it is promising, not concentrating on what is happening to my feet and concentrating on what is happening to my hand, allows my feet to walk when I am not thinking about them.

- Patient

The Walk to Beat Team

About Us

Neha Shahid

CEO / Founder

BSc Product Design Technology,
Msc Marketing

4+ years in product development and marketing, multiple entrepreneurship and innovation awards.

Aoun Syed


BSc Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Msc Petroleum Engineering

5+ years as an automation & control system engineer.

Mathew Hoskin

Marketing Strategy & Commercialization Consultant

25 years of managing businesses in the healthcare, medtech & biotech sectors, including Siemens Medical, Visions Biosystems, Leica Biosystems, Hospira, and Sienna Cancer Diagnostics

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Lead User Engagement

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First Runner Up

Medilink Nation Healthcare & Business Awards 2019

Innovation Award

Medilink South West Healthcare Award 2019

Future Spark Award

Tech Spark Awards 2017, Southwest, UK

Entrepreneurship Award Winner

European Robotics Forum 2017, Edinburgh, Scotland

Social Entrepreneur Winner

UWE Talkent Awards 2017, Bristol, UK

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